Monday, November 12, 2007

Illustration Friday: Scales

i have a mini obsession with mermaids. the little mermaid is my favorite disney movie, so i am BEYOND excited that the little mermaid just opened here on broadway! i am such a kid! i'm dragging the boyfriend with me (LUCKY HIM!!!) anyway, i thought a mermaid would fit this weeks topic nicely!

color pencils in a moleskine sketchbook

(in other news because i upgraded my macbook to leopard, my HP all in one printer is not scanning (it prints but doesn't scan) I tried installing individually via the subinstaller folder but my scanner still isn't working, so i snapped a photo instead. i do have my old ibook with tiger installed so i suppose until HP updates their software I'll be reverting back to my former love. anyway, that explains the odd crop (i cut off the bottom of the drawing), but you get the picture. ) this is what i get for bragging about having no problems doing a clean install of leopard! anyway, thanks for looking & listening/reading!

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