Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Red Mittens

The second batch of Christmas cards. All of mine are now in the mail...a Christmas miracle! My hand is numb! :) I really like the red mitten version I sent out today...

Red Mitten Lino Cut Cards

Red Mitten christmas card detail
These cards were printed using a lino-cut block printing method. They were designed, carved, & printed by hand and are truly a labor of love!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lino-Cut Block Print Mittens Christmas Card

Mittens Lino-Cut Christmas Cards

This is my third year making my own Christmas cards using lino-cut block printing designs. This year I opted to design some cozy knit mittens. I printed them by hand with a silvery blue metallic ink on red card stock. Here is the final product:

handmade lino cut christmas cards

Check out my previous lino-cut block print Christmas card designs:

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My 2006 Christmas Cards Sledding Fun

Handmade Polymer Clay Christmas Ornaments

Last year I participated in a handmade Christmas ornament swap, and I really loved the ornaments I made. I was sad to give them away, so this year I decided to recreate the birds from last year. If I get some more black & red clay I will recreate my adorable penguin and & polar bear (because they were my favorite). Here is a peak at this year's polymer ornaments:

Handmade Polymer Clay Ornaments

Mistletoe Polymer Clay Ornament

Mini Red mitten polymer clay ornament

Check out my creations from last Christmas here.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

D.I.Y. Eco-Friendly Newspaper Pinwheel Ornaments & Wrapping Paper

Last year my boyfriend wrapped his gifts in Newspaper. This was partly because, A) I didn't get around to wrapping his gifts for him before I left for home & B) because he thought it looked "cool". I thought it was a great idea, because when you think about it, wrapping paper is so wasteful. Recycling yesterday's newspaper & using it as wrapping paper is fantastic way of killing two birds with one stone. I happen to love wrapping my gifts and I try to make them look they popped right out of a Martha Stewart magazine (see here for an example of my wrapping :) ) The problem of course with using newspaper as gift wrap, is that by itself it isn't festive, so we made it our mission to make it festive, but professional looking. Of course, this had nothing to do with his sister's threat of wrapping his gift in "used toilet paper" if her gift was wrapped in newspaper. We set out to wrap her gift first with Saturday's issue of Newsday. To make it more festive we dug into his Mom's gift wrap closet from year's past and dug out some candy cane printed paper to embellish the gifts.

What You Need:
what you need for newspaper pinwheel gift wrapping
1) old wrapping paper
2) old newspaper
3)tape or glue
5) scissors
6) pencil

To create the pinwheels I cut a square piece of newspaper, and a square piece of the wrapping paper (keeping the squares equal sizes) and taped the two pieces together (leaving the sides I wanted to show facing outward). I cut in from each of the four corners of the square stopping short of the center. I then folded in alternating corners towards the center (stars below indicate side to be folded & taped or glued to the center) Once I had the four alternating corners secured in the center with tape I had a perfect d.i.y. newspaper pinwheel.

d.i.y. newspaper pinwheel tutorial

To complete the theme I took one long skinny strip of the old candy cane printed paper and taped it around the center of the newspaper wrapped gift and then secured the pinwheel in the center of the gift to complete my look.

d.i.y. newspaper wrapping paper with pinwheel bow

I had a good time making pin wheels so I made a few extra and took some bits of rogue ribbon from the above mentioned "gift wrapping closet".

Newspaper Pinwheel Ornaments:
d.i.y. newspaper pinwheel ornament tutorial

Simply take one wide ribbon loop it and cut the ends diagonally. Tape or glue the ends together leaving a loop at the top. Tape or glue the already made newspaper pinwheel in the middle of the wide ribbon so the loop is at the top and the diagonal cut is at the bottom so it looks like a prize ribbon of sorts. Then take a skinny piece of ribbon or thread and tie it through the loop of the wide ribbon. Adjust the length for hanging on the Christmas tree, once you have the set length hide the tied portion within the wide loop of the other ribbon. If needed, secure with tape. Now you have handmade paper ornaments made exclusively from recycled materials! Hang on your tree, and go ahead, pat yourself on the back!

d.i.y. newspaper pinwheel ornament

D.I.Y. Felt Mitten Ornaments

felt mitten ornaments

This is an easy d.i.y. project that allows for a lot of creative possibilities and would be a wonderful project to do with kids! Another great thing, it is incredibly inexpensive. I had baker's string, scraps of white felt, and cotton balls so I opted to make due.

The result of course is simple but quite adorable. Had I searched for more supplies...glitter, buttons, paint, etc I could have went all out, but I opted to go with the less is more approach.
To be honest, I quite liked my simple candy-cane inspired mitten once I had it stuffed and stitched, and if I decide later down the road that I want to add something, I can add away!

The great thing about this project is that you can have fun with the various colors of felt, and add buttons, charms and other embellishments to make it personal. The bare bones as to what you need: Felt...two pieces cut in the shape of a mitten (one front & one back), baker's string or thread, sewing needle, cotton balls/stuffing, and any choice of decorations.

Stitch the two mitten shaped pieces of felt together while leaving the bottom open to stuff. Once stuffed, stitch up the bottom and tie a loop for hanging. At this point you can go crazy with decorating, or simply hang on your tree like so...

finished mitten hanging

Happy decorating! :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I caught sight of birds migrating late this afternoon as the sun was setting.
flying v
It was beautiful, but...

the sun's gettin' colder,

december sun
winter has arrived. I better head inside...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Black Bunny

she loves big bows & little bunnies...
bunny girl

prismacolor markers in moleskine sketchbook

Monday, December 1, 2008

C'est La Vie

I haven't been drawing much lately. But I really like this tee shirt I bought at J.Crew...

prisma color markers in moleskine sketchbook

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