Sunday, December 14, 2008

D.I.Y. Felt Mitten Ornaments

felt mitten ornaments

This is an easy d.i.y. project that allows for a lot of creative possibilities and would be a wonderful project to do with kids! Another great thing, it is incredibly inexpensive. I had baker's string, scraps of white felt, and cotton balls so I opted to make due.

The result of course is simple but quite adorable. Had I searched for more supplies...glitter, buttons, paint, etc I could have went all out, but I opted to go with the less is more approach.
To be honest, I quite liked my simple candy-cane inspired mitten once I had it stuffed and stitched, and if I decide later down the road that I want to add something, I can add away!

The great thing about this project is that you can have fun with the various colors of felt, and add buttons, charms and other embellishments to make it personal. The bare bones as to what you need: Felt...two pieces cut in the shape of a mitten (one front & one back), baker's string or thread, sewing needle, cotton balls/stuffing, and any choice of decorations.

Stitch the two mitten shaped pieces of felt together while leaving the bottom open to stuff. Once stuffed, stitch up the bottom and tie a loop for hanging. At this point you can go crazy with decorating, or simply hang on your tree like so...

finished mitten hanging

Happy decorating! :)

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