Friday, November 30, 2007

Excess Baggage: Illustration Friday

One thing I always have a problem with during the holidays is excess baggage (that is if the airlines don't lose it all together). I really need to learn to travel lighter (or just ship my bags before hand) as does this girl below:

color pencils on paper

As i was drawing this, the Coconut Records song "West Coast" starting playing in itunes. sometimes things just are too perfectly paired. I love the very middle of of the song best:

" And i miss you/I’m goin back home to the west coast/I wish you woulda put yourself in my suitcase/I love you/Standin' all alone in a black coat/I miss you
I'm goin back home to the west coast/And if you shake her heart enough she will appear/Tonight i think i'll be stayin here/And you never did like this town/I talk out loud like you're still around"

Take a listen:

illustration friday


Liz Jones said...

She's brave, traveling on a plane with all that luggage! (I'm thinking I'd save misery and send it UPS!)
Nice take on the theme!

Katie said...

This is my dilemma every time I get on a train or plane. 2 items? That's it? I like your take on the subject.

Melissa said...

very cool idea! love it!! and thanks for your nice comment!!!

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

hey girl, gotta get down to a carry-on, but then those over-head bins are getting smaller! Cute!

David John Caswell said...

Hi Melanie,
Me again! Still browsing your site. Really like this picture of you at the airport. Something about it that appeals to me!