Saturday, July 14, 2007

One Girl Show/Platinum Blonde Studios featured in the Premier Issue of Artful Blogging!

Artful Blogging is a new quarterly publication produced by Somerset Studio that concentrates on the visually inspiring online blogs & their posts. The first issue of Artful Blogging will be available August 1st. Artful Blogging will be featuring an interview with Melanie Komisarki of Inspire Me Thursday. The article is accompanied by a few Inspire Me Thursday entries including one of my own ink drawings I had submitted to the site for the prompt, "Change of Scenery". My drawing is on the second page of the article on the lower right hand side (it is the black botanical silhouette drawing). Other artists that will be featured in the article include Julia Van Der Werf, Deborah Gorr, Bridgette Guerzon Mills, Pilar Isabel Pollock, and Lise Richards.

Pick up your copy of Artful Blogging on August 1st, for more amazing works & interview from bloggers & artists around the web! Find a store near you that will be carrying the publication here (you can also order it online by clicking here). A big thanks to Artful Blogging for featuring my art work!


Tanya Nichols said...

Awesome! How fortunate for you!

BracLynn said...

OOoh!!! Congrats Melanie!! May more great stuff be coming your way!! :D