Monday, July 9, 2007

Illustration Friday: Geeky

bookworm girl & her dog
micron pen in a moleskine sketchbook

illustration friday


steve said...

Great line work here!

Adam said...

I like your wavy lines, they are very expressive and interesting.

However, I think that your illo suffers from all the lines being the same weight. I find it hard to distinguish the shapes of the tree roots, the girl and the doggie very easily. The lines for the grass are very effective, but also overwhelm(sp?) the rest of the shapes around them. If you used a harder pencil, or a softer touch, or lightened them with a computer afterwards do the entire grass was several shades lighter then the rest of the image, then it would read much better.

Or you could put in a few simple washes of colour? The little girl and the dog are very nice drawings, but I'm afraid you have done a good job of camouflaging them!

platinum blonde said...

hey adam. i know i did that, and i was kicking myself after i did the grass in front...i kind of rushed through it. i think i am going to add water color to it to "fix it" oh well such is life

stangy said...

i love my microns and a pile of pilot extra fines...actually I liked the way the girl's hair seemed to become one with the tree. Varying the line weight will do a lot to add depth. Nice concept!