Saturday, February 7, 2009

{29/365} the toy collection

{27/365} the toy collection

The Diana was my first toy and with every roll I am learning. I have made so many mistakes, but each one makes me want to try again. Of course some of the mistakes have had happy outcomes, while others just help me improve. I recently purchased a new flash, and a fisheye lens for the Diana. The flash is a necessity, while the fisheye lens will be fun to shoot with--especially in the city. Shooting 120 film is of course an expensive hobby, but I truly love the effects of the Diana and I thought I would like the Holga just as much. So when I saw a Holga kit in the bargain bin, I had to snatch it up. I have always wanted to shoot with a twin lens camera, so when I heard about the Blackbird Fly I had to get it! The idea of shooting 35mm in the Blackbird totally sold me on it, my inevitable mistakes won't be as costly.

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