Wednesday, January 21, 2009

{12/365} An Attempt to Soar

{12/365} an attempt to soar

Story: I spotted these balloons caught in the tree YESTERDAY, but didn't have my camera with me. That of course is the cardinal sin of doing a 365 project. I kicked myself all day! I should note however, that the REASON why I didn't take my camera is 1) I had already taken several photos that morning and 2)I was carrying cupcakes to work because I am a nice person :). Anyway, I brought my camera with me today and walked past the same tree, and luckily the balloons were still caught! :) The moral of the story is that I will bring a camera with me wherever I go from here on out. P.S. I pick up my 120 film at the lab today. Hopefully, it will be a good turnout! Wish me luck.

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Hoop said...

Great job on all these photos. It was nice of the balloons to stick around and even stay inflated.