Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Diana + Dreamer

Psst I just bought a new toy...

my new toy

I've always admired the dream like images that result from Holgas & Diana's and have long considered joining the heard. When I saw this reproduction at Urban Outfitters back in April I sort of melted...I didn't pre-order it at the time, but instead I spotted it while shopping last weekend up all alone on a high shelf. I saw it as a sign that it should be mine. I took it out and about in Central Park, in and around Victory Gardens and will probably finish my roll out on the streets of NYC. I've received a number of helpful tips, and I'm sure I will receive plenty more after we see the results of my first roll (which could be disastrous or delightful and quite possibly a bit of both, but you know what that is all part of the fun!) I like the idea of being venturing out of my comfort zone. :)

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