Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Wandering

Sunday turned out to be a gorgeous day with great light...even the fallen blooms came back to life on camera. Please forgive my absence from this space. I have been extremely busy and have been uninspired ever since my great grandmother passed away. One way I coped with everything that was going on in my life was to bury myself in work and more work. I don't know if it helped me emotionally (it certainly didn't help me creatively), but I was rewarded with a raise and a promotion, so that brightened my day and helped me see the beauty around me with a fresh set of eyes. It is true, the sun always rises.Here are a few spring photos I snapped while walking through my neighboorhood this weekend...

weekend wandering
forever pink ::2:: magnificent

***::4:: twin windows

petals in grid ::6:: white on blue

sweet light ::8:: converse + petals}

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BracLynn said...

You have such a lovely eye for pinks & whites :)