Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Agyness Dean is the Definition of COOL

I confess, I want to BE Jessica Stam, but there is something about model Agyness Dean that simply capitivates me. She always seems like the coolest girl in the room. It is funny because I was watching American Psycho last night, {I love that movie. I love Christian Bale (yum!). } and I thought of Jessica Stam's quote in NY Magazine last fashion week & I remembered how everyone was a bit weirded out by her reference to the movie. I know that wasn't funny at all, and I'm rambling, but my point is I want to BE Jessica Stam and as I was thinking of her and that specific interview as I was plastering my journal with Agyness Dean. The truth is, Agyness Dean is 20 million times cooler than me (and that might be an understatement)...she wouldn't have to be one of the most in demand models to achieve this either. I admire her personal style, and her refusal to blend in. I'm pretty sure I have the girl next door look down pat, so I admire Agyness for charting her own path from her hair to her attitude she is so sure of herself. She is the definition of cool. Even if there are other girls on the runway that are more classically beautiful, she stands out, and I admire that infinitely.

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